Shipping Services


We use companies dedicated to fast and secure shipping services

Many clients trust our shipping services and you should too. We deliver to multiple countries and states across the globe. Frequently asked questions about shipping are displayed. If you have more questions make sure you contact us.

3 days and  7 days max if there are certain complications caused by covid restrictions. 

You have 14 days to report back for any request for refunds.

Order tracking is available upon request.

you get free shipping for orders above 500$ 

Secure delivery

Your order will be delivered fast and secure. We use the best delivery companies to sent out your packages. Packages are insured and there is little likelihood of any product damages. If at all they are contact us.


Your product will be guaranteed to arrive  without being tempered. Secure open once seals are implemented in our packages. This makes it impossible for any breaches in privacy when handling your packages. 

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